What We Do

FOCHA’s primary objective is to minimise the anxiety of the hospitalisation experience for the patients attending the Red Cross War memorial Children’s Hospital, and to ease the adjustment process for their families through providing resources, support and education. This allows parents and care-givers to manage the health of their children effectively.

We offer a varied learning experience which encourages families to remain active participants in the care and recovery of their children.

This experience includes accessibility to various programmes:

  • Family Support
  • Life Skills
  • Counseling
  • Arts & Crafts

FOCHA’s sustainability is ensured through the commitment from volunteers and the support & generosity displayed by members of the community and also corporate donors.

FOCHA has certain programs for the care givers and volunteers to attend:

Family Support Programme

Food Parcels

We provide certain patients who are discharged form the hospital with a food parcel on departure where a real need has been identified.

Support Groups

The support groups is supervised by a Social Worker Carla Brown and Head of OT, Mereille Pursad, supported by FOCHA.

The support group is for the parents of young babies in ICU in order to educate them on development and desensitize them to the environment the ICU potentially has with all the electronic and unfamiliar devices.

We host approximately 100 volunteers who take turns visiting the wards and clinics. Through reading to and playing with the young patients, FOCHA volunteers comfort them and shower them with attention and love.


Toiletry packs are provided for parents , many parents remain at their children's bedside for extended periods of time therefore in need of basic hygiene items , e.g soap, face cloths, toothpaste, toothbrush, etc. in order to maintain their human dignity.

Sibanye Project

Sibanye, meaning "we are one", was established in 2004 as a way of addressing escalating statistics of HIV/AIDS within the Hospital. The programme is for parents who are infected and/ or affected by HIV/AIDS. Sibanye provides educational, nutritional and hygiene resource aid.

Transport Assistance

Transport Assistance is currently being provided by Friends to parents who are unemployed and do not receive grant. This enables them to bring themselves and their children to the necessary clinic and hospital for appointments.

Arts and Crafts Programme

Through teaching arts and crafts, a creative outlet is provided which also contributes to the economic sustainability of parents by equipping them with skills in arts and crafts.

Meal a Day

We have been providing families with refreshments since April 2011. This project had come about after an assessment was done that found approximately 150 p\rents going hungry whilst at the bedside of their children.





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